2 Advantages of Condominium

Stable and continuing income can be generated.

Stable and continuing income from rent income every month provides future security. Provided that the actual property (condominium) is high quality, and is in a good location, such as a popular area, or a convenient place to live which is near a train station, monthly rent income can be maintained over the long-term, so profit can also be earned.

You can start with a small amount of funds.

Since you can get a loan (home mortgage) from a financial institution, a large initial investment is not required. Miscellaneous expenses (registration license tax, real estate acquisition tax, commission, etc.) are incurred at the time of purchase, however the majority of related expenses due after the purchase can be covered through monthly rent income, so investment is possible with a small amount of funds. The majority of installments on loan repayment can also be made with monthly rent income.